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Dr. J.E. Tallis


Michigan State University: Bachelor of Science
Illinois College of Optometry: Doctor of Optometry

Post Graduate

Illinois College of Optometry: Diagnostic Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals, Oral Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Tallis is licensed to treat most eye diseases, including conjunctivitis, glaucoma, corneal abrasions, corneal foreign body removal, and blepharitis.

I was drawn to optometry as a profession because it matched my interest in math and science, while helping make peoples' lives better.

I am always among the first in central Illinois to test new products such as bifocal contacts, astigmatism correcting contacts, etc. It's a thrill for me to work with cutting edge of vision technology and then bring that technology to my patients.

I hand-pick and personally train my support staff to provide the best, most personal service possible.