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At American Vision Center in Bloomington, Illinois, friendly and compassionate optometrist J.E. Tallis, OD, knows how to make a children’s eye exam a comfortable experience for kids of any age. Your child might just start to see the eye doctor as a friendly and welcoming place after their children’s eye exam, so book an appointment by phone or through the online scheduler now.

Children's Eye Exam Q & A

Do school vision screenings check my child's eye health?

No. The vision screenings done by schools are mainly designed to identify myopia (nearsightedness). Usually, they're quick and simple tests in which your child reads from a vision chart.

General vision screenings can identify obvious cases of myopia, but they fail to identify other serious vision problems. Vision screenings don't check eye health, so eye disease can easily go completely undetected during a school vision screening.

For proper evaluation of both vision and eye health, your child needs a comprehensive eye exam.

How often should I schedule children's eye exams?

The American Optometric Association recommends exams for all children, whether they have vision issues or not. The recommended eye exam intervals are:

  • 3-5 years old
  • Before starting Kindergarten
  • Once a year thereafter

If your child has eye health issues, needs vision correction, or both, they may need more frequent eye care. Dr. Tallis will recommend a customized eye exam schedule based on your child's individual situation and needs.

What happens in a children's vision exam?

During your child's vision exam at American Vision Center, Dr. Tallis performs a comprehensive eye evaluation to check vision and eye health. His friendly and gentle manner helps kids feel relaxed during the exam, which typically includes:

  • Medical history review
  • Check of visual acuity
  • Visual field tests
  • Eye teaming (how the eyes work together) check
  • Eye tracking (how the eyes follow movement)
  • Focus check
  • Color vision check
  • Intraocular pressure check (inner-eye pressure)
  • Exam of the retina and other back-of-the-eye structures
  • Exam of the cornea

Dr. Tallis can identify early signs of eye damage or vision problems during a children's eye exam, which is why it's so important to schedule regular exams. If your child's eye issues are identified early, they can get the treatment needed to prevent eye health and vision issues from growing into a much worse problem.

If you're looking for a kind, compassionate, and highly experienced eye doctor for your child, Dr. Tallis is the perfect choice. Call American Vision Center to book your children's eye exam, or use the online scheduler anytime to make your appointment.