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During a medical eye exam at American Vision Center in Bloomington, Illinois, highly experienced optometrist J.E. Tallis, OD, evaluates both your eye health and your vision. Dr. Tallis dedicates plenty of time to performing complete and thorough exams to make sure that you can have great vision and healthy eyes. He’s always happy to answer questions, too. Book your appointment using the online scheduler, or call the office for your medical eye exam today.

Medical Eye Exam Q & A

What does a medical eye exam include?

During a medical eye exam, Dr. Tallis evaluates both your eye health and your vision to create an all-around picture of your eye wellness. A medical eye exam includes dilation so Dr. Tallis can see your whole eye in detail. A medical eye exam includes many different components, which typically include:

  • Visual acuity check
  • Visual field tests to check central and peripheral vision
  • Eye coordination check to see how your eyes work together
  • Eye tracking to see how your eyes follow motion
  • Focus check
  • Color vision check
  • Intraocular pressure check
  • Exam of the back of your eye
  • Exam of your cornea

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Tallis may recommend more specific in-depth testing like retina imaging. After your medical eye exam, Dr. Tallis gives you a new prescription if you need one for vision correction.

Do I need additional eye tests if I wear contacts?

Yes, contact lenses wearers need additional tests to get the right prescription and fit. American Vision Center has a highly advanced corneal topography machine, which uses 9,000 unique points of measurement to map your cornea. This helps Dr. Tallis provide even hard-to-fit patients with the contacts they need.

How often do I need medical eye exams?

Dr. Tallis can recommend a medical eye exam frequency based on your needs. In general, the guidelines are:

  • Age 18-39: at least every two years with good eye health, at least annually if at-risk
  • Age 40-64: at least every two years with good eye health, at least annually if at-risk
  • 65 and up: at least once a year

Vision problems and eye health issues are more common in middle age and beyond, so most patients can benefit from yearly medical eye exams.

When should I schedule an additional eye exam?

American Vision Center offers emergency care for those situations when you’re dealing with a sudden eye issue. Some reasons to schedule an immediate visit include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Pink eye
  • Foreign object in your eye
  • Vision decrease
  • Blurry vision
  • Seeing lines, spots, or flashing lights
  • Chronically tired-feeling eyes

If your current eyeglasses or contacts prescription seems not to be working well, it’s a good idea to schedule an extra visit to American Vision Center.

Make your appointment with a caring eye doctor who has more than 35 years of experience now by calling American Vision Center or clicking the online scheduler.